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What’s in It for You?

Benefits of the RDP for Residents

By Pamela Tully

Empty storefronts are depressing. As a Rutherford resident, I get excited when I see

a new shop or restaurant opening and feel upset when I see more brown paper on

the windows.

Rutherford is a gem of a town, with great commuting to New York City, as well as

convenience to industries throughout New Jersey, beautiful houses, great parks and

family events. We residents know this; however, we also know that with the

proximity to Routes 17 and 3, we have a lot of competition for retail and restaurants.

Therefore, the businesses that help our town prosper and attract visitors are the

ones that offer a unique element.

Our restaurants are a good example of standing out. We have a range of fine dining,

international cuisine, comfort food, some chains and family-owned eateries.

Although they wouldn’t last without good food and service, what gives them the

extra edge is their commitment to our town’s events and teams. Many of our

businesses support youth sports, tricky trays and various fundraisers.

Shopkeepers and professional services are generous to all the local organizations as

well. In the brief time since my kids entered the school system, I have witnessed the

generosity of the many businesses that keep this town thriving.

So, why is the Rutherford Downtown Partnership important to the residents?

They work to attract businesses to the town and keep them in business. They hold

events like the Farmers’ Market to bring visitors to the town and to serve the

residents as well. RDP works with the business owners to maintain an attractive

streetscape and take care of common services. Businesses can have a wider reach

working with RDP than on their own, and it improves the services they are able to

offer residents and shoppers. We have good food, walk able streets and excellent

services. RDP helps us maintain and improve the quality of our town to keep

businesses blooming. @RutherfordShops

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