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President: Barbara Obiedzinski

Vice President: Katie Walker
Treasurer: Sharon Mc Nish
Secretary: Catrina Poindexter

President’s message:
Hello Rutherford:
My name is Barbara Obiedzinski.  I am the President of the Rutherford Downtown Partnership and would like share with you my ideas and vision for what the RDP can (should…) be.
  1. The RDP is working with the Borough Council to address inconsistencies and deficiencies within the current ordinance in order to protect the rights of it’s members and better serve the town of Rutherford.  The ordinance is what directs the operations and decisions of the RDP as regards the Business Improvement District.

  2. Through both the ordinance and improved communication, we strive to build a better working relationship with the Borough Council and its counterparts in order to help businesses who wish to move to Rutherford and to encourage future businesses to do so.

  3. We are in the process of developing a promotional campaign to encourage consumers from within and around the Rutherford area to shop in our Downtown.  To do this most efficiently and cost effectively, we are looking at avenues of Social Media as our initial outlet and will look at various opportunities in the future.

  4. Our Website has been updated and continues to be rebuilt.  Aside from useful pages for both consumers and members, my goal is to ensure that every business in the RDP Core is represented.

  5. We now offer advertising on both Facebook and Twitter.  Please contact us at to take advantage of this opportunity.  Member advertising is free of charge.  Simply go to our website,, to see the online advertising rules.

  6. We have new ways of communicating our news, needs and requests. Visit the website at:

  7. New banners will be coming shortly to dress up the Core District.  We are waiting for the DPW to install the brackets and banners.  

  8. The RDP will work with various community organizations to develop ideas and plan events that will benefit our members, residents and local consumers.  
We can have a vibrant downtown once again.  It will take all of us working together, bringing ideas and energy to the district.  With the help of the RDP Board, it’s members and community support, we can make Rutherford the jewel it once was and fulfill the promise and obligation of a strong and functioning RDP.
We have already started promoting some of the businesses and would like for more of you to utilize our NEW social media. While I understand the past frustrations of the downtown, as I too am part of the Core, we need to move forward and focus on what we can do.  

We have had the support of some Rutherfordians who are not a part of the Core.  Many have given of their time and expertise to help the Downtown Partnership make Rutherford a place you would want to Shop, Dine, Love, Explore and Live.

Barbara Obiedzinski

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