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Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Whether you’re part of a gaggle of strollers looking for an after-storytime treat…or

perhaps hoping for some wifi for your laptop…or maybe you just need some

coffee—NOW!—Rutherford’s downtown coffee shops come in a variety of styles.

Most of us know that Rutherford is home to two Dunkin Donuts (with a third on the

way) and a newly opened Starbucks, which is slightly outside the Downtown zone,

but did you know that there are also independent cafes, coffee shops and bakeries

with trained baristas and professional espresso machines? We have baked goods

and breakfast spots, commuter conveniences, and local and imported coffee, all in

our town.


Addison Shop

268 Park Avenue


More of a newsstand, however, there is a counter in the back where coffee and

buttered rolls are served.

Bagel Supreme

284 Park Avenue


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Self-serve coffee to accompany their main breakfast bagel business.

Dunkin Donuts

56 Park Avenue


Known for its coffee as well as the donuts. Open 24 hours, free wi-fi.

Erie Coffeeshop & Bakery

10 Franklin Place


New to Rutherford, promises locally sourced ingredients, artisan coffee and hand-

crafted baked goods. Serves Grumpy Coffee from Brooklyn.

GainVille Café

17 Ames Avenue


Offers international coffees, exotic teas, unique soft drinks, sandwiches and baked goods

reflecting diverse tastes from around the world. Comedy and poetry nights. Free wi-fi.

Madeleine Bakery & Cafe

11 W. Erie Avenue


Free wi-fi. Serves illy coffee and all natural, fresh baked goods and made-to-order


Rutherford Pancake House

40 Park Avenue


While featuring a full breakfast and lunch menu and ample seating, Rutherford

Pancake House makes the list for its take-out coffee and breakfast sandwich specials

and bottomless cups.

Rutherford Railroad Station

Convenient coffee for commuters. Open weekday mornings.


96 Meadow Road

Wi-fi and drive-through window.

Steve & Andrea’s

298 Park Avenue


This popular breakfast spot is favored by locals, but offers a service counter as well

as take-out specials.

So, the next time you need a quick cup of coffee or want to linger over lattes, please

visit one of our local coffee places and let us know what you think! And we’re not

even covering the fine dining establishments that serve a great cup of joe (yet). Send

us your comments about where to get the best cup of coffee in Rutherford. We’ll

update the post with your feedback.


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